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Weight Loss Hypnosis NYC

Weight Loss Hypnosis NYC personalized program for effective, safe and permanent weight loss, that turns overeaters into healthy eaters forever.

Unlike other quick fixes, this program focuses on the mental forces that drive you to eat too much or unhealthy foods.  Using our weight loss hypnosis NYC program, we will help you identify the issues behind your weight and generate new, healthier behaviors.  You will leave your session feeling better about yourself, your weight and equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to get rid of your excess pounds.


Learn why you overeat


No one was born an overeater.  Our experiences and upbringing are what drives us to be unhealthy.  By asking you series of detailed questions, we will get at the root of the problem, and lead you to understand the motivation behind your overeating, whether it’s a past trauma, poor self image, self-punishment or another reason.  After we understand your motivation, we will be able to change the behaviour it created, into a new healthy pattern that will work for your benefit.


What is important for a vibrant health and longevity (http://www.goldenratiolifestyle.com/)



nyc weight loss program

  • Air: the more capacity your lungs have, the longer you will live
  • Water intake
  • Sleep: uninterrupted and deep sleep reduces stress
  • Nutrition: chew slowly and eat often small portions
  • Posture: how you hold yourself tells a lot about who you are
  • Exercise: necessary to bust your metabolism
  • Detox: cleanse your body from toxins, your mind from toxic thoughts, your heart from toxic emotions
  • Happiness and inner peace
  • Natural beauty and attraction


What the ideal weight really means to you?


Our weight loss hypnosis NYC program will help you  reach your ideal weight by actually fixing the real problem behind your struggles, not just going on a diet that will only last for a month. You can lead a healthier and happier life, appreciate yourself for your effort and success, get better and fulfilling job or business, find your perfect relationships and just love the way you look.


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” Our Bodies are the most dynamic forms on the face of the earth. Why then do we wake up with the weight of the world on our shoulders, unable to reach our potential? Most people never engage their bodies as a tool. Sadly, it is seen as a set of legs for moving a brain from meeting to meeting. The body is a powerful biological force. Properly trained, it can overcome anything and has forced scientists to re-define what is physically possible.”  STACY’S BOOTCAMP #GetNakedInAMomentsNotice


“Yoga Therapy involves a process of adapting yoga very specifically to the various needs of an individual over time. This uniquely ancient and therapeutic approach is for people, including those who assume they can’t ‘do yoga,’ in all stages of wellness. Yoga Therapy can address a broad range of physical, mental, and emotional concerns. Your personal goals can be approached through this process…” http://www.theyoga-foundationcenter.com


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