hypnotherapist-in-Lake-NormanMeet Lin Shlonsky: A Board Certified Hypnotherapist in Lake Norman Passionate About Helping her Clients Become Self-Confident, Productive and Motivated.

Life is so much fun when we are not struggling!  Our constant endeavor with anxieties, frustration, stress, fears, low self-esteem, hurt, guilt, approval seeking and so on, seem to overwhelm our lives endlessly.  I know.  My life has been, and still is, a journey that led me to grow and thrive out of my own blocks and restrictions.

Growing up in Russia as the daughter of a doctor and an engineer, raised in cultivated critical and logical thinking, I became a problem solver.  I always have a firm belief in my heart, that there are no unsolvable problems, only self-imposed limitations.

However, as I grew older, my family’s and my own high expectations of myself became extremely overwhelming.  My critical thinking turned into judging and constantly criticizing inner voice.  The anxiety and frustration in me grew the more I realized that I have no idea how to resolve my inner conflicts.  I began to believe that something was wrong with me.  And it was hurting my self-esteem big time!

The desire to work through my barriers took me to Israel to study psychology in Open University when I was 18 years old.  I understood that my own mind, affected by outside pressures, created this issue.  Yet, knowing it and understanding it, did not solve it.  Also it was a step forward.

Frustrated from my first attempt, I didn’t give up and started taking Naturopathy courses.  I studied yoga, meditation, energy healing, nutrition, body sciences and body-mind connection at one of Tel Aviv’s holistic colleges.  And still . . . my problems remained:  Who was I, really? What was I missing?

I spent a few more years expanding my knowledge of the energy and mind-body healing concepts in Israel.  But it was not until I sold everything I owned, packed my bags and came to the U.S., that it all came together for me.  I have found the best schools for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in New York City to study in while establishing my private practice.  There, I’ve got my answers!  And up until now I am continuously studying human mind-body connection, witnessing lives changing for better in my office, that is including my own life.

Finally, after years of pursuing freedom from the pressures of becoming perfect, I had found a solution that worked fully.  As the culmination of all I have learned, I’ve developed my own integrated system that allowed me to help my clients.  And up until today I am proud of being a Hypnotherapist, finding my calling and sharing my knowledge with people I meet.

I believe that we can resolve our stresses and identity issues completely if we approach the root causes and discover how did we become this way.

When we learn the awareness of what is, we can learn to accept ourselves.  Only then we can put aside TRYING to be good kids for our parents, hard workers for our bosses, nice people with everyone, trying to fit into social standards.  Only then we can just BE ourselves, grown ups, fully responsible for our own well being, our future and the future of our children, and even the society as a whole.

Today in my hypnotherapy practice I use a unique approach to help my clients enjoy life filled with great clarity, content, self-confidence, joy, excitement and healthy determination.  It makes me smile knowing that each day I’m helping someone else live a more authentic life – becoming more of themselves every day– as they grow through self-development and gain self-esteem.

The more I learned about who I am with hypnotherapy, meditation, past life regression and life coaching, the more clear my purpose in life was becoming.  Now I can confidently tell that I haven’t found my purpose, my purpose found me.

These days, as I enjoy my life fully, I know . . . I am free.  Free of fears, guilt, anxiety and frustration.  I don’t have a need to be perfect, I just need to be perfectly ME.

You can be, too.


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