Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy is about re-framing your old beliefs and empowering the new ones.  Moving forward in life requires confidence, initiative, and a strong sense of who you really are.  These attributes are presumed to be among the building blocks of success in all aspects of life.

But what if you lack these attributes?  What is the solution?

Hypnotherapy may be the answer you need.

You are not alone if you find yourself battling with feelings of inadequacy.  Many people have poor self image.  They feel devalued, as if they are less than the next person, as if they are unwelcomed or unappreciated.  Consequently, they go through life pretending they feel good about themselves, when inside, nothing could be further from the truth.

At Hypnotherapy and Meditation we offer Self-Esteem hypnotherapy to help you improve self-confidence that provides relief from social awkwardness and assists with overcoming a myriad of problems, including:

  • anxieties
  • compulsions
  • obsessions
  • phobias
  • depression

A good way to understand the concept of building self‑confidence with hypnosis is to think of it in terms of basic computer usage.  It is like the “find and replace” function we use so often in our favorite word processing application.  It finds the old, negative memories in the subconscious and replaces them with new, positive feelings.

Our subconscious retains every memory.  Oftentimes, bad memories were recorded during our younger years, when we lacked the maturity to properly understand and process unpleasant situations or occurrences.

With Self‑Esteem Hypnotherapy we will tap into old memories in order to replace bad feelings with good ones.  You will have a possibility of relieving or reviewing old situation from your earlier ages that interfered with your self-esteem.   But you will be doing that from much more mature place – your current age. That will allow you to understand and re‑evaluate the past, and make new choices with proper hypnotic suggestions.

Consider self‑esteem hypnotherapy if you suffer from a sever lack of self worth.  A certified hypnotist can enable you to enjoy the benefits of hypnosis, which include:

  • increased self-confidence
  • strength to endure difficulties
  • improvement with relationships

With self‑esteem hypnotherapy, the wait is over.  You can be empowered today.

Do you have any negative memories of events that lead you to believe that you are not worthy?

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