Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression will take you on a rewarding journey that will uncover the deeper meaning of your current life.

Past Life Regression can help you become aware of a greater sense of reality. Find your Soul’s Destiny with our method. We will help you revive the memory of your Soul. This will reveal your current life’s purpose, allowing you to reach your full potential and discover all the aspects of who you are. Allow yourself to become aware of your actions and reactions that could be the result of your past life experiences.

Past Life Regression is based on the premise that we are eternal souls who have experienced a series of existences in physical bodies with various personalities and genders. Your soul chooses each past and present life while pursuing challenges that lead to a unique learning experience.

We continuously strive to overcome those challenges and they shape our soul, which is necessary for our personal growth and Self-Development.

Past Life Regression will help you move forward in your life without fear or hesitation. You will be able to view your life with greater clarity. Past Life Regression therapy can transform your life from exposing you to forgotten paths of your infinite soul, helping you to understand yet another layer of your complexity and greatness as a human being.

Some have found themselves drawn to a specific person or place and have no conscious understanding of why, yet their feelings are strong and compelling. Others will sense that their true home exists in another location, or that they are living in the wrong century.

By exploring your Past Lives with you can:

  • Open doors to deeper levels of the Mind and Spirit
  • Unlock your true potential
  • Find your past lives soul mates
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs that are hampering your progress
  • Heal anxieties, phobias and fears

Past Life Regression is ideal for anyone who finds themselves:

  • Interested in things that cannot be explained
  • Feeling a strong bond to an unfamiliar culture
  • Having an unusually strong connection with someone they just met
  • Disliking or distrusting someone for no apparent reason
  • Longing for historical buildings and antiques
  • Being considered wise beyond their years (‘old soul’)
  • Having a hunger and curiosity for the past

The Methodology of Past Lives Regression Therapy:

Past Life Regression usually lasts one or two hours. During the session, we will discuss the reason of your interest and what you hope to learn from your past life. Then we will continue with guided imagery techniques to relax your body, and with hypnosis to relax your mind. You will be asked questions in order to explore facts from your past lives.

You will reveal if it relates to your current concerns and unlocks the connection.

The Past Life Regression therapist will guide you through the experience, but you will be the one who discovers it!

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