Sleep problems are experienced throughout the globe, and you can feel confident that, if you are having a problem with sleep, too, you are not alone. This means that you shouldn’t be hesitant or embarrassed about relating your sleep problems to a therapist in order to get assistance.

Sleep issues, however, are not just aggravating. They can actually lead to more health problems, since sleep time is needed in order for the body to repair itself and bolster the system. If you wish to maintain a heightened mental alertness, support healthy body systems and feel emotionally strong, you need to get a good night’s rest. Without enough sleep, you (and others) will notice increased irritability, loss of short term memory and the effects of an increased amount of stress, among other problems.

Insomnia can be brought about through a number of different reasons that can range from inner conflicts, sleep environment changes, stress, depression, incorrect eating habits, addictions, and many more. Insomnia can be acute as well as chronic, and it requires appropriate diagnosis.

Some people turn to drugs in order to treat sleep problems. However, sleeping pills can be highly addictive and carry with them their own set of unwanted side effects. These days, more and more individuals are turning to alternative treatments, and hypnotherapy is one of them. Working with hypnotherapy will allow you to take a look at what is actually causing the loss of sleep in the first place. By directly addressing the subconscious with hypnosis, we will not only reveal the deep-seated issue, but also find out what needs to be changed, bringing a profound sense of peace and tranquility.

Self-hypnosis can be easily taught to an individual, and applied when struggling with sleep problems at bedtime. Guided recorded meditations, are also a great and available tool for immediate addressing of the issue.

Here are your Hypnotherapy tips for better sleep:

  1. If you have an sense that you’re not going to be able to sleep that night, please write down one positive statement with the expectation of a good night’s sleep. Read this statement in bed 20 times, then turn the lights off, and have a good night!
  2. When in bed, stop saying to yourself that you have to fall asleep, stop giving yourself orders or commands, but ask your mind to relax and let go of all the thoughts, all the concerns and worries. Talk to yourself in a respectful manner, and see the immediate positive result coming your way. Falling asleep can be nice and easy.

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