Brooklyn Hypnotherapy Services

Brooklyn Hypnotherapy Services are available on Skype and in person.

The core belief behind Hypnotherapy Services is that behind every behavior there is a positive intention. If we address the intention in a safe and comforting environment, the change becomes possible. For example, procrastination can “help” you fail to achieve your goals while having a positive intention of keeping you safe in your comfort zone.

Working with your subconscious mind will achieve worthwhile results for a lifetime. For example, we will find a desirable behavior to keep you safe while stepping out of your comfort zone, therefore procrastination will no longer be needed and you will move freely towards the successful accomplishment of your goals.

Brooklyn Hypnotherapy Services offers its clients a journey to their inner world. The hypnotic state allows a person to be more open to discussion and suggestions.

  • Hypnosis can help people change their eating behaviors and drop the pounds
  • Hypnotherapy helps change unwanted patterns and behaviors by connecting the logic with the subconscious mind
  • Hypnosis gives your mind and body a chance to recuperate, repair and heal itself by experiencing the relaxation that it desperately needs
  • Hypnosis can help treat the psychological problem that is causing the sleep disturbance while at the same time it puts the body in a deeply relaxed state that helps the body and mind become rejuvenated
  • Hypnosis can improve memory by recreating forgotten events
  • Hypnotherapy can increase creativity as a result of relaxation

Here is the list of problems that we can help you resolve with Brooklyn Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnosis for addictionsAlcoholDissociation from alcohol
Accepting someone with alcohol addiction
Learn to drink in moderation
Alcohol Cessation
Stop SmokingCutting Down on Smoking
E-Cigarette cessation
Stopping Tobacco chewing
Quitting Cannabis
Vaping Aversion
GamblingStop Compulsive Gambling
TechnologyStop Social Media addiction
Stop Gaming addiction
Stop TV addiction
Stop On-Line Shopping addiction
Weight Loss HypnotherapyFoodStop eating addictive foods (sugar, chocolate, etc’)
Stop Binge Eating
Quit Night Time Eating
Stop Soft Drinks Addiction
Stop Yo-Yo Dieting
Embrace Healthy Food
Reduce Portions
Find Exercise You Love
Improve Body Image
Self-Esteem HypnotherapyConfidencePublic Speaking and Performance
Making Decision
Feelings of Inadequacy
Develop Higher Self-Respect
Build Clear Boundaries with Others
Hypnotherapy for Stress ManagementAnxietyStop Panic Moods
Stop Social Anxiety
Stop Excessive Worries
Get Rid of Phobias
Improve Sleep
Heal Childhood Trauma
Process Traumatic Experiences
Develop Better Expectations of Yourself
FearFear of Success
Fear of Failure
Fear of Heights
Fear of Flight
Fear of Abandonment
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Water
Fear of Animals
General StressPregnancy hypnosis
Time Management, Learn to Prioritize
WorriesStop Excessive Daily Worries
Stop Excessive Worrying about Others
Hypnotherapy for DepressionLack of Motivation
Find Life Purpose
Brake Old Ties
Loss and Grief
Post Divorce Depression
Healing Betrayal
RelationshipsResolve Conflicts/Problems
Leave Abusive Relationship
Memory retrievalChildhood Memories
Traumatic Memories
Lost/Displaced Objects