Looking for more of the positive vibes you get after yoga? Experiencing that sense of calm and accomplishment doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, especially when there are so many tools that can help you take your practice up a notch without doing a number on your budget. From helpful technology to extra support, here are some extremely cost-effective and practical ways to get the most out of your yoga practice every single day.

Source Inexpensive Props to Support Your Practice

Contrary to misconceptions, yoga props are designed to make yoga more accessible, which is entirely different than making it less challenging. When you use props correctly in your yoga practice, you make alignment more accessible. With proper practice and some basic props, you can also access more advanced postures, which means your muscles are still working just as hard — or even harder — than without props.

While you can find props at various price points, retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods tend to offer some of the most competitive prices around, and you can use Dicks coupons to score even deeper discounts. Some codes even give you cash back, so that you can fit more yoga gear into your budget.

Start a Home Yoga Practice to Reduce Your Expenses

Establishing a home practice can allow you to cut out some of those expensive classes, but developing a home yoga practice can also provide motivation to practice more regularly. If you can keep your yoga mat rolled out in a corner or room in your home, you may be more likely to step on it and practice throughout the week.

A consistent practice can be important for those who want to expand their abilities because, like anything else, working through postures over and over again is the only way to improve your strength, ability, and focus. You can start by setting up your mat and a few basic props but also think about adding other relaxing elements to your home yoga space to help soothe all of your senses during practice.

Set Attainable Goals for Your Practice Using Yoga Apps

While having the right props and a home yoga space can make practicing regularly less of a challenge for many yogis, others may need some additional motivation. So, if you still find yourself struggling to step onto your yoga mat each day, try setting reminders on your phone or downloading some yoga apps, to get access to reminders and other helpful tools that can take your yoga practice up a level.

While some of these apps may offer in-app purchases or require subscriptions, you may still find these costs more affordable than paying for daily classes or studio memberships to keep yourself on track. Plus, many of the most popular yoga apps for your smartphones offer free trial periods so that you can try before you buy anything.

Make Mindful Meditation a Regular Part of Your Yoga Practice

Once you are in the habit of stepping onto your mat to practice every day, you should consider closing your practices with mindful meditation. Meditation should be at the heart of any full and complete yoga practice, and those moments of calm can do wonders to improve your focus on and off the mat. You can get started with daily meditations using the same tips mentioned above. Pick up a meditation cushion using online discounts or sit on a budget-friendly bolster, to allow your spine to grow straight and tall.

Using a chair can also be a practical and inexpensive way to maintain proper alignment during meditation, but the soles of your feet should be in contact with the floor. Just like with yoga, starting with shorter sessions can also make staying mindful, rather than simply daydreaming, more attainable during meditation. So, consider using a meditation app and getting yourself into the habit with shorter meditations.

Deepening your yoga practice shouldn’t come with any major expenses or burdens to your budget. With some basic tools and some self-discipline, you should have all that you need to attain your goals in yoga, and of course, more mindfulness in life.

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Article Author: Sheila Johnson, ZENthusiast, wellsheila.net