Post Traumatic Stress episodes are widespread yet not always recognized by a person experiencing it. Here is a short story of a mother that suffered from PTSD unknowingly.

As I stood there frozen, I felt completely out of control. I didn’t feel my heart racing; neither have I saw any flashbacks. But I felt frozen and disconnected. I knew what I was supposed to do, yet I just stood there.

Five minutes before that, I was feeling happy. I was holding my little girl’s hand in my hand, and we were chatting about how we missed her brother on our way up in the elevator. As we came out of the elevator, she ran to see him while I was picking up his backpack from an empty class.

Then I saw her standing in front of the boys’ bathroom. My son’s teacher waved at me as she was leaving her “watching post,” let me take over. “Great,” I thought for a second, “here goes my plan to catch him as he runs to me. And to kiss him and lift him… I wanted to do that.”

Instead, I just froze there. Waiting for my boy to finish his business. I awkwardly smiled at him, I said “Hey baby boy!”, and I just let him do whatever he wanted to do for what felt like 10 minutes.

I became irritated and agitated. I couldn’t find the loving mothering part of me as if my inner child took over. That inner child was scared. She was upset, and she needed my attention to be given to her. She needed me to mother her.

The next day, as I was texting with my therapist on the Talkspace.com app, I started to have flashbacks. What a delayed response?! But I remembered a big bathroom from my daycare. I remembered feeling ashamed and scared. I think we were going through potty training, and I had to sit on a potty with some other kids. I remember being washed in that same bathroom… they had a shower there. It was cold water, too, I recall.

My therapist said that’s how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder works. It catches you without warning. It disables you. It might even cause a downward spiral of negative emotions to take you down for some time.

Just a regular therapy won’t help me fix it quick. I made an appointment for hypnosis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As I worked with a hypnotherapist, I have uncovered some disturbing memories from my early years. That bathroom, my little boy went to, reminded me of a terror from my own childhood.

Right now, I can talk about those memories without being scared and terrified. I feel like I have healed on a very deep level.

P.S.: There are few highly effective methods can help immediately: EMDR and Hypnotherapy. Sometimes, tapping (EFT) and deep Breathings can relieve the symptoms. But it is always best to address the root cause and heal that deep-seated trauma with hypnotherapy, once and for all.