Hypnotherapy NYC

Hypnotherapy NYC is becoming a more popular therapy modality every year.

NYC hypnotherapy is a healing method that is utilizing Hypnosis as an altered state of awareness brought about by a heightened focus while bypassing the limitations of the conscious mind.

These limitations get created through preconceived judgments and our information perception that has been highly influenced by society and the media. In Hypnosis, we are dealing with the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, practical, effective, and efficient method of suggestive therapy while dealing with many different issues. There are several treatment methods utilizing Hypnosis: Clinical, Medical, Traditional, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, and combinations of more than one type. Self or others may induce a hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapy, however, is much more than just Hypnosis. While a Hypnotist may only provide suggestions/commands to assist you when you want to stop smoking, lose weight, increase self-esteem, and so forth, a Hypnotherapist will lead you into a deeper understanding of your problem and resolution will become almost an immediate result of it.

We believe you have all the answers; you just don’t know how to access them. Let us open that door for you and show you how powerful you are.

How does NYC Hypnotherapy work?

We all walk in different hypnotic states all day long! We are constantly hypnotizing ourselves almost every moment of our lives – the self-talk you are having in your mind, for example criticizing yourself or complimenting yourself for your achievements, is a form of self-hypnosis. We regularly program ourselves, giving suggestions, and what the mind expects to happen is often materialized. Here is how it happens:

Imagine these possibilities:

Let’s say you are going to close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on the very edge of a helicopter door, preparing to jump. Guess what will happen if you do that visualization in a vivid way, with all the effects of the sound, wind, adrenalin… feeling it yet? Your body suddenly becomes tense; your blood pressure will rise as your body prepares for an “impact.”

It will also occur, even if you are safely sitting at home in a comfortable chair! Our emotions directly influence our so-called involuntary or instinctual physiological responses. It happens as our hypothalamus acts as a filter while creating hormones to initiate a fight or flight response.

With hypnotherapy in NYC, you can step outside yourself. You can observe what is going on inside you, almost as if you were looking at another person. Consider this. Do you remember a time when a good friend asked you for advice telling you their troubles, and it was so evident to you what the real problem was?

While in a hypnotic state, you are objectively observing your thoughts and reactions. In doing so, you are coming to a very profound understanding of old programs running in your mind that are no longer serving you. Once you’ve arrived at the realization, you can never forget it. When the same situation occurs in the future, you will know better what needs to get done to deal with it in a very effective way.

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. When you are watching a movie, you become part of the experience in your mind. It’s as if you are part of the video that you’re watching. Even though, consciously, you know that it’s only actors and images on a screen that filmed by a camera, your emotions are fully engaged. You laugh, cry, and feel everything that you ALLOW yourself to feel.

It’s the same while in a hypnotic state. You are aware of everything around you, and you have full control over your emotions. However, this time, YOU are the star of the movie, and everything else is just background noise.

How do we work with Hypnotherapy NYC?

We all have behaviors, thoughts, and visions of the world that are unique to us. Some of these got programmed into us since our childhood. Others got processed during the later years of our lives.

Our belief systems are also affected by the media and those around us, presenting as authority figures. Some of the “messages” they implant can be harmful or no longer effective and might cause us to act in unhealthy ways that are incredibly detrimental.

Here is a video of Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, about how your mind works:

To change any of the existing behaviors, patterns, or thoughts, we first need to discover what they are and how they got learned. We then need to determine what purpose they serve concerning our behavior; in other words, what is the intention behind it. At that point, we can discover the most effective ways of initiating the change.

Hypnotherapy can help clean the unwanted behaviors and beliefs and replace them with more desirable ones that are far more beneficial per your desired outcome.

The number of sessions needed in each case is very individual. For some, it may take only one or two sessions to see how easy it is to replace unwanted impulses and involuntary programming; for others, it is a long process.

It can pertain to Stress Management, low Self-Esteem, anxieties, fears, phobias, healing traumatic experiences, and much more. We will help you get to the root of your problem and obtain your inner resources needed in an entirely SAFE and SECURE manner. We will help you replace your old harmful patterns with beneficial ones that will lead to a new and wholesome you.

You will remember every moment of your session and remain in complete and total control of yourself and your surroundings. And once you arrive at your answers, you will always remember them, that’s just how we grow and develop. It will open the doors to your brighter future, and you will be on your new path to real success.

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